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There were more than 49 million Americans living in poverty in 2010, under an alternative measure released by the Census Bureau Monday.

That’s 16% of the nation, higher than the official poverty rate of 15.2%. The official rate, released in September, showed 46.6 million people living in poverty.

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NEW YORK ( — Two million people will run out of unemployment benefits next month if Congress fails to act in the coming weeks.

The deadline to file for federal unemployment benefits expires on Nov. 30. If it is not pushed back, 800,000 people will stop getting checks within four days, according to the National Employment Law Project, an advocacy group.


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Jump Start comic September 3 2010Friday, September 3’s Jump Start comic displays cartoonist Robb Armstrong’s ignorance of economic realities, and plight of the unemployed. Additionally, there is a more than subtle bias towards President Obama’s failed economic policies, and uses a ‘white’ character (how interesting) to show both. Armstrong declares through his cartoon character that there are jobs out there.


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