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Unemployment Compensation

The jobless may soon find their state unemployment check is not in the mail.

A growing number of states are looking to cut back on jobless benefits to minimize the increase in unemployment taxes businesses pay. State officials are concerned that these tax hikes could deter companies from hiring.

Read the CNNMoney article.

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I learned today that this week is my last week for unemployment compensation: my 99 weeks are up. While grateful the financial help over the past two years, the occasion marks both an anniversary and a sad reality. [more…]

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Appearing in my local Sunday paper, but originally from the Washington Post, authors Michael A. Fletcher and Dana Hedgpeth explore the benefits and challenges of providing long term unemployment compensation during the worst recession in decades. While benefits meet basic needs of the unemployed, critics say it is a too high a cost and encourages the affected to remain unemployed. [more…]

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