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PennDOT truck sits idle, operator no where to be foundI took this photograph on my morning walk today. Here’s a PennDOT truck sitting idle on our Main Street. Though it appeared that the vehicle was running as the lights were on, the operator was no where to be found. At least not until after I took the picture, and continued walking. Then another PennDOT truck pulled up and four dudes got out. One of them, cup of coffee in hand, walked towards the first vehicle.

It was ten o’clock in the morning. Why weren’t these guys working already? Why were they taking a coffee break already? Our tax dollars hard at work hardly working.

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The jobless rate for Lancaster County (PA) fell again last month to 7.2%, down .3% over November 2010. Showing a slow decline, the jobless rated is only .7% lower over December 2009.

I guess, in some sense, this is good news: there are less people unemployed. Otherwise, for the rest of us who still don’t have a job, or find job opportunities but can’t land the job, this is still bad news. [more…]

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Sure, the economy is improving! Yeah right!

Readers of the Lancaster County morning newspapers were greeted with more happy news of an improving economy. The combined Intelligencer Journal and Lancaster New Era is reporting that the unemployment rate in Lancaster County rose 2 percent to 8 percent in February. Nationwide, the unemployment remained stable at 9.7 percent in the same month. The new rate for the County is the worst in 27 years according to the Department of Labor & Industry. [more…]

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We’re Still Screwed: Jobless Claims Jump Last Week, Unemployment Remains at 10 Percent

January 22, 2010

For a second week in a row initial jobless claims rose across the United States. Total unemployment remains at 10 percent across America, and has risen to 8.9 percent in Pennsylvania. Locally, the unemployment rate in Lancaster County hovers around 7.3, more than doubling a rate of 3.4 percent less than three years ago.

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Deadline Passes, Old Mill Road Bridge Replacement Unfinished

December 1, 2009

As of today, December 1, 2009, The Old Mill Road (Ephrata, PA) bridge replacement project remains unfinished contradicting the optimism and prophesying of the Lancaster County Planning Commission

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Overpaid PA Judges Bilk Taxpayers for Auto Expenses

November 24, 2009

With many of their constituents unemployed and a prolong state budget battle over every dollar of spending, high court judges in Pennsylvania have been billing their auto expenses, some excessively, to state taxpayers

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Visual Guide to PA Unemployment Rates by County

November 19, 2009

Here’s a link to an easy to navigate and understand map and graph of unemployment rates in September 2009 for counties in Pennsylvania.

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