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State and local jobs take a beating in 2011

by an Unemployed White Male on January 23, 2012

in Business & Economy,Recession

EW YORK (CNNMoney) — Nearly 250,000 state and local government employees lost their jobs in 2011, with the ax falling particularly hard on public school teachers.

And the bleeding is likely to continue in 2012, experts say.

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Ephrata borough employee Mercedez BenzI couldn’t believe my eyes. But why should I be surprised? An Ephrata (PA) borough employee parked their car, a classy white Mercedez Benz, and got into a Borough vehicle. Off to work the employee went. Is this a sign of our bloated government on the local level? [more…]

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Here are ten (quickly thought of) reasons why politicians, Obama, Congress and the rest, are like the cast of the Jersey Shore. There is no particular order to this list.

Politicians including Barack Obama, and the Democrats and Republicans in Congress, our state legislatures, and local governments are like JWOWW, Snookie, the Situation, and the whole Jersey Shore cast because:


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