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You sent the resume and now you got the call. “We’d like you to come in for an interview. When are you available?”

Right now, you think. You’re charged up and ready to go. You’re ready do dazzle them with your acumen, skills and talents. But, honestly, an interview can be a little intimidating, especially if you been through many, yet without landing the job. What you need is great job interviewing skills.

So, be prepared. Business consultant Robert Lawrence has made a career about helping people find and land a job. He’s researched the best interview skills to help you land that job, ahead of every other potential candidate. He puts it all together in his e-book Killer Interview Secrets.

You’ll learn how to answer the fundamental questions asked in most every interview. He’ll teach you the importance of delivery and tone and, of course, body language. The techniques of Killer Interview Secrets work for any industry, at any level, whether public, private, non-profit.

Check out Robert Lawrence’s Killer Interview Secrets e-book.

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