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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke headed to Capitol Hill Wednesday to give Congress his semi-annual report on the economy, and what he had to say wasn’t exactly rosy.

The job market remains “far from normal,” household income is flat and access to credit remains too tight for many people, he said. Meanwhile, rising gas prices are likely to reduce consumer buying power and the housing market remains a drag.

Thanks to President Obama’s economic policies, happy days are here again!

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Jump Start comic September 3 2010Friday, September 3’s Jump Start comic displays cartoonist Robb Armstrong’s ignorance of economic realities, and plight of the unemployed. Additionally, there is a more than subtle bias towards President Obama’s failed economic policies, and uses a ‘white’ character (how interesting) to show both. Armstrong declares through his cartoon character that there are jobs out there.


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