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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Everyone in Congress says they want to help create jobs and economic growth.

But federal agencies and government contractors in the private sector, which actually hire people, may find that ironic. They are still in the dark about future funding levels because lawmakers have not said whether they will replace heavy-handed automatic spending cuts set to take effect next year.

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As long as Wall Street and venture capitalists continue to reward corporations for off-shoring and downsizing, we continue to play the fool when we express shock that the U.S. economy is not creating many new jobs.

By Jeffrey Pfeffer, guest contributor to Fortune

FORTUNE — The U.S. seems to be shocked that its economy isn’t creating many jobs, and each monthly report on the unemployment rate and the number of new jobs somehow stimulates more handwringing. I’m not an economist, labor or otherwise, but simple observation suggests one significant contributor to the nation’s job crisis — for a long time, maybe even decades, we have been waging war on jobs and those who hold them.

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Forget deflation. U.S. consumer prices jumped in January for the second month in a row — and it wasn’t just soaring costs for gas and food. Americans are beginning to pay more for clothes, rents and travel, new data released Thursday show.

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Job openings rise for first time since April, but good luck finding or landing that job

September 9, 2010

From the Associated Press WASHINGTON — Job openings are rising modestly, a sign that employers may step up hiring soon. But rising openings in the past year haven’t reduced unemployment, heightening concerns that the unemployed might lack the skills to fill the jobs that are coming available. If companies have openings but can’t find qualified […]

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David Reilly of the Wall Street Journal: Election-Year Stimulus Can’t Counter Unemployment Woes

September 8, 2010

By David Reilly, Wall Street Journal Pass the silver bullet. With campaign season in full swing, the unemployment rate, and how to crush it, is front and center. Right out of the Labor Day starting block, President Barack Obama proposed an additional $50 billion in infrastructure spending. He also is expected on Wednesday to unveil […]

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United States unemployment rate rises to 9.6%, despite moderate hiring

September 4, 2010

By CHRISTOPHER S. RUGABER, AP Economics Writer Christopher S. Rugaber, Ap Economics Writer – Fri Sep 3 WASHINGTON – Unemployment is stuck at high levels even though some companies are hiring. The problem, government data show, is that too few jobs are being created for the growing number of people looking for work. Private employers added a […]

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President Obama Promises Action on Job Creation (Again), Unemployment Remains at 10 Percent

January 25, 2010

President Obama has one job summit in late fall, and promised action on creating new jobs in the near future. With his upcoming State of the Union address, the President’s advisers are now saying we can expect more concrete information on his plan for job creation.

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