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Global investors have lost confidence in the economic recovery — and for good reason.

The United States job market has still not fully recovered its losses from the Great Recession. Europe’s debt crisis rages on with no end in sight. Japan is still struggling to overcome its March earthquake. And rapid growth in booming China is even starting to gradually slow down.

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Just as the U.S. and global economies are finally strengthening, they face a new danger: Rocketing oil prices, which topped $100 a barrel Wednesday.

The U.S. economy can likely absorb $100 oil and keep expanding, even though gasoline prices would rise further and growth would slow. But it would hurt.

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From International Business Times, September 11, 2010

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has issued a warning that global economic growth is likely to slow towards the end of 2010, largely due to continued weakness in the financial sector and a confidence crisis in some individual nations.

The Fund recommends that the most developed countries to reduce their budget deficits and increase export volumes in order to alleviate the problem. IMF also suggested that the Asian and emerging markets concentrate more on stimulating internal demand and less on export growth.

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