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Recession 2009

Sure, the economy is improving! Yeah right!

Readers of the Lancaster County morning newspapers were greeted with more happy news of an improving economy. The combined Intelligencer Journal and Lancaster New Era is reporting that the unemployment rate in Lancaster County rose 2 percent to 8 percent in February. Nationwide, the unemployment remained stable at 9.7 percent in the same month. The new rate for the County is the worst in 27 years according to the Department of Labor & Industry. [more…]

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Appearing in my local Sunday paper, but originally from the Washington Post, authors Michael A. Fletcher and Dana Hedgpeth explore the benefits and challenges of providing long term unemployment compensation during the worst recession in decades. While benefits meet basic needs of the unemployed, critics say it is a too high a cost and encourages the affected to remain unemployed. [more…]

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PRINCETON, NJ — A new Gallup poll finds a continuing decline in Americans’ satisfaction with the way things are going in the United States. Now at 19%, satisfaction has reverted to the levels seen in the first few months of the Obama presidency. Satisfaction was 13% when Obama took office in January 2009 but exceeded 30% during most of the summer.

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Against conventional wisdom and Obama’s delight, no optimism in Feb. jobs report

March 6, 2010

The Saturday morning newspaper headline reads ‘Jobs data generate optimism.’ The article, by Kevin G. Hall of McClatchy Newspapers,includes phrases like ‘better-than-expected’ from President Obama and ‘fairly strong employment report from a private analyst.

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Senator Jim Bunning and Extending Unemployment Benefits for the Lazy Unemployed Worker

March 2, 2010

Once again the unemployed are under attack again by our representatives in Washington. The Federal extension for unemployment benefits ran out at the end of February.

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Scary Economic Charts Show the Real Picture of the Recession

February 18, 2010

Reflecting upon the continued massive unemployment, the sluggish so-called recovery, and the enormous job loss of 5.1 million over the last two years, here are some economic charts from that will severely creep you out. This is truly the recession from Hell.

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January Jobs Report Isn’t All that Positive, Hides Deeper Problems

February 9, 2010

The January 2010 jobs report showed a minor .3 percent drop in the unemployment, down to 9.7 percent nationwide. But it’s not good news; it’s more like a false positive.

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