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PennDOT truck sits idle, operator no where to be foundI took this photograph on my morning walk today. Here’s a PennDOT truck sitting idle on our Main Street. Though it appeared that the vehicle was running as the lights were on, the operator was no where to be found. At least not until after I took the picture, and continued walking. Then another PennDOT truck pulled up and four dudes got out. One of them, cup of coffee in hand, walked towards the first vehicle.

It was ten o’clock in the morning. Why weren’t these guys working already? Why were they taking a coffee break already? Our tax dollars hard at work hardly working.

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The jobless rate for Lancaster County (PA) fell again last month to 7.2%, down .3% over November 2010. Showing a slow decline, the jobless rated is only .7% lower over December 2009.

I guess, in some sense, this is good news: there are less people unemployed. Otherwise, for the rest of us who still don’t have a job, or find job opportunities but can’t land the job, this is still bad news. [more…]

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Ephrata borough employee Mercedez BenzI couldn’t believe my eyes. But why should I be surprised? An Ephrata (PA) borough employee parked their car, a classy white Mercedez Benz, and got into a Borough vehicle. Off to work the employee went. Is this a sign of our bloated government on the local level? [more…]

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Avoid G&C Automotive for Auto Repairs, Unwilling to Help the Unemployed

February 25, 2010

G&C Automotive in Ephrata should be avoided for your automotive repairs. This small, husband and wife, shop suggests that they do complete automotive repair. However, the principal and only mechanic specializes in Toyota and gives other makes only minor treatment. Generally, G&C is unwilling to go the distance in exploring and solving a perplexing problem if he doesn’t understand the make. Conversely, past garages I have used would persist in problem solving.

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Happy New Year You’re Still Unemployed!

December 30, 2009

A genuine happy new year to me: I’m still unemployed! Actually, Christmas day was exactly the eighth month of unemployment.

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Deadline Passes, Old Mill Road Bridge Replacement Unfinished

December 1, 2009

As of today, December 1, 2009, The Old Mill Road (Ephrata, PA) bridge replacement project remains unfinished contradicting the optimism and prophesying of the Lancaster County Planning Commission

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County Estimates November 2009 Completion Date for Bridge Project

November 25, 2009

In a document (see link below) dated November 16, the Lancaster County Planning Commission estimates November 2009 completion date for the Old Mill Road bridge replacement in Ephrata.

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