Like Barack Obama, Mitt Romney is not like or for the average middle class American

by an Unemployed White Male on January 29, 2012

in American Culture,Politics & Government

Like Barack Obama, Mitt Romney thinks he’s one of us, the average American, that he can identify with the working class or middle class American.

Obama has never held a regular job. He’s lives off politics and the public dole. Romney has had many jobs, basically building his wealth on the backs of average Americans. He lives off the carnage of worst venture capitalism.

Obama is a shape-shifting socialist with fascist blood, hoping to redistribute the nation’s wealth, and so coddle the working middle class. Romney is Darwinian free market capitalist that allows only the strong business to survive, allowing the weak middle class worker to be devoured.

Romney offers nothing new in economic s tragedy; Obama rehashes the same more and bigger government Keynesian economics.

Both Obama and Romney are richer than the average American; Romney is nearly 1,800 times richer than you or me.

Why would we think that either one of them know or represent us.

They don’t.

Oh yeah, than there’s Newt Gingrich …

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