Jobless rate rises to 9.2% in June; 28 million Americans out of work

by an Unemployed White Male on July 8, 2011

in Business & Economy,Politics & Government,Recession

The recession, not the recovery, continues.

The jobless rate rose to 9.2 percent in June. There are now 28 million Americans, including yours truly, out of work.

Some expected a better report: those that are living on another planet where there is no Comrade Obama administration.

But, of course, this is what Comrade Obama wants. A weak economy means a declining America open to both revision and invasion. Comrade Obama and his street thug crew offer a suspension of the Constitution and a socialist state to make us all dependent upon the Federal government. But a week nation also offers our enemies opportunities to destroy us: from the Taliban to Al Qaeda and China to North Korea, Comrade Obama has offered our land for their occupation and our destruction.

In the past, philosophically and theologically, atheistic and secular communist socialism was are greatest threats. These remain with, and within, the Obama administration. But now this threat has increased as it is combined with the false, God hating, religion of Islam, especially radical, militant, and terrorist Islam.

Islam offers no answers, no hope, and certainly no grace or salvation for anybody. It’s a religion of defeat, depression, and death. We should not tolerate or allow Islam to proliferate in our country.

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