My 99 weeks are finally up: my unemployment runs out, still haven’t landed a job

by an Unemployed White Male on March 21, 2011

in Business & Economy,My Life,Recession

I learned today that this week is my last week for unemployment compensation: my 99 weeks are up. While grateful the financial help over the past two years, the occasion marks both an anniversary and a sad reality.

First, April 24 marks the two year anniversary of being needlessly laid off for disingenuous reasons by Kornel Kurtz of Webtek Computer Company. If it were not for his bad self-centered business decision, supposedly gained from Divine consultation (I’ve prayed about it and it’s good for the company, he said.), I would still be working. He’ll never understand how his single horrible decision has hurt another person (and fellow Christian).

Second, I’ve still haven’t been able to land a job. I find jobs, maybe get a preliminary interview, but can’t get my foot in the door. Unemployment is down in our County, yet it’s still tough to get that job. In the last seven months I have cast a wider net applying for most anything, part or full time, that I think I could do. Yet, with little results.

Thankfully, I have my unpaid profession of music journalism to keep me busy.

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