Super Dog Pet Food Company, Leola family-owned business, closes: screws 80 employees out of jobs

by an Unemployed White Male on February 4, 2011

in Business & Economy,Lancaster County,Recession

Even though saying he was sad about the plant closing, Super Dog Pet Food Company president Fred Schober also added that it was the best business decision. Yep, the best business decision is to sell your business, close your plant, and screw 80 people out of their jobs. Sounds a lot like my former boss who said, before laying me off,  “I’ve prayed about it and it’s good for the company.”

Here’s another example of a family-owned businesses, in family-centric Lancaster County, that doesn’t care about treating their employees like family. A company official (Schober or from Phillips is unclear) also added, “they will do a better job of supplying those companies just with 80 fewer employees.” However, I’m sure Schober and family are enjoying the profits from the sale of their company.

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