Bloated government? Local government employee drives Merc Benz to work

by an Unemployed White Male on October 15, 2010

in Business & Economy,Ephrata,Lancaster County,Politics & Government,Recession

Ephrata borough employee Mercedez BenzI couldn’t believe my eyes. But why should I be surprised? An Ephrata (PA) borough employee parked their car, a classy white Mercedez Benz, and got into a Borough vehicle. Off to work the employee went. Is this a sign of our bloated government on the local level?

Here’s more detail to the story. I was on my morning walk, passing the Borough building on South State from the linear trail. I see this nice looking white Benz pulling out from a parking space by the building. Nice car, I thought. I didn’t catch who was in the car: male, female, and at this point Borough employee or not. And I was not wearing my glasses. As I approached Fulton Street, the vehicle crossed and parked in the Borough lot. Nothing unusual here, could be going for a walk on the rail trail. But as I crossed Fulton, I observed the individual get out of the Benz and enter a white with red strip Borough pick up truck.

Holy shit!

By working for the Borough of Ephrata, you can make some fine money. Enough money to drive a big shiny white Mercedez Benz coupé! I don’t know who this person is, but you could infer that he/she/it has a lucrative salary that permits them to drive a luxury vehicle.

I need a job working for the Borough of Ephrata: I could be making big bucks. Enough to buy a fancy car.

Conversely, I don’t (and you don’t) have enough information. This person could be married with a spouse who has an equally lucrative income. But when you think of the Obamas, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Sarah Palin, or John Boehner who make tons of money, you also wonder what is going on in local government too. What exorbitant wages or salaries are other Borough employees getting?

Some food for thought or simple fodder for controversy.

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