Voting Democratic or Republican advances the destruction of America

by an Unemployed White Male on September 26, 2010

in American Culture,Politics & Government,Recession

The choices are grim for American voters in general, and Pennsylvania voters in particular, in the 2010 general election. Voting for either the Democratic Party candidate or the Republican Party candidate assuredly advances the demise, the destruction, of the United States of America: the nation, the government, the economy, and its people, especially the working and middle classes.

A vote for the Democrats means another two years of big, bloated, drunk-on-spending government. There will be more government policies and programs with more intrusion into our lives. Representative democracy and capitalism will be replaced by totalitarian socialism. But, of course, the politicians, Wall Street, and big business will miraculously prosper. (How much did Obama earn last year?) The working class and middle class will be conned, abused, and lulled into thinking that they are being helped and so will aide in their own demise.

A vote for the Republican candidates offers little better. They merely want to reduce government, and then increase the power and influence of Wall Street and Big Business. Again the rich will get richer, and the working man will get screwed. Their politicians and supporters will live off the slave labor and money of the middle class until their (the middle class) prosperity has completely diminished.

As for a tea party candidate: that is a vote for ignorance. They work in the fantasy-land of hyperbolic theory. The want nebulous panacea of less government but offer candidates with no knowledge, experience, or ideas beyond what was done before.

In the end, these political parties and their candidates want nothing more than to be in power so they can prosper at the expense of the poor and middle class. The goal, whether Democrat or Republican, is the domination of the working man, to legislate subservience on the masses. It’s the end of our nation as we know it. The politicians from main street to Congress to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue offer no hope and only destruction for our beloved country.

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