Jump Start comic displays ignorance of economic realities, and plight of the unemployed

by an Unemployed White Male on September 3, 2010

in American Culture,Business & Economy,Humor,Politics & Government,Recession

Jump Start comic September 3 2010Friday, September 3’s Jump Start comic displays cartoonist Robb Armstrong’s ignorance of economic realities, and plight of the unemployed. Additionally, there is a more than subtle bias towards President Obama’s failed economic policies, and uses a ‘white’ character (how interesting) to show both. Armstrong declares through his cartoon character that there are jobs out there.

Okay, smart guy, then why are there still 15 million people unemployed. Statistics show that the economy is clearly not creating enough jobs to offset unemployment. Also, companies are still laying off, and workers are still filing new (and ongoing) unemployment claims. Indeed, in a very general sense, ‘there are jobs out there,’ but certainly not plenty, and certainly not enough to go around.

About the only thing Armstrong and his strip get right is the proper way to address the President of the United States. In this current political climate, for better or worse, this better expresses respect for Office,  not necessarily the man who occupies it and his troubling and ineffective economic policies.

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