General Election November 2010: There are no good choices, no hope, for PA voters, for America

by an Unemployed White Male on September 24, 2010

in American Culture,Business & Economy,Politics & Government,Recession

Democrat or Republican. Change we can believe in or the party of No. There are no good choices for Pennsylvania, or any voter across America, in this year’s general election. From the White House to the Congress to your state legislature to your town council, there is little to no hope for better ideas, leadership, or vision.

The President Barack Obama and the Democrats are incompetent, inept, uncaring, unaffected, and morally bankrupt buffons who have run our country into the greatest economic quagmire in 50 years. But the adjectives equally apply to the Republicans as well. Sure, they protested. Now they say the want to lead once more. But they offer not better policy ideas than what’s been done before. They’re answer: reverse what has transpired in the last two years. Wow! That sure is visionary.

In Pennsylvania, our choices are more career politicians who have grown fat off power, position, special interests and, of course, the public dole. Gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett (R), a nearly life long public vampire, mocks the unemployed and campaigns for slimmer government, but increases his department’s budget. One of his astounding solutions is to cut Harrisburg’s gluttony for automobiles. Now, there some genuine forward visionary thinking. His arrogance is only matched by his growing waistline. Onarato (D), the challenger, is another career public ‘servant’ growing fat and wealthy from his position. His best campaign agenda is to offer the same agenda is his opponent: I’ll cut government down to size.

In the Senate race, Joe Sestak (D) is nothing more than a status quo lackey and sycophant for the Obama/Pelosi federal power bloc. He’s been living off our tax dollars forever. Challenger Pat Toomey (R) is a self-described Mainstreeter and outsider, but truly a Wall Street insider, who wants to let free market capitalism run rampant without restraint. Who cares? He’s made his money already. Here’s one of his brilliant rays of wisdom: let the health insurance companies go free so that they might compete, and so lower health care costs. What planet is he living on. The insurance companies and health care industry live to make a profit by sucking the life and health out of the Main Street American. But why should he (or Sestak, for that matter) give a damn? He’ll get the best health insurance as a Senator.

I know what you’re thinking: here’s the ground swell of revolution from the conservative Tea Party movement. Less government, less taxes, reduce the deficit, and so on. Yadda, yadda, yadda. These are the same people that gave Delaware that ignorant television cluck Christine O’Donnell. This moron couldn’t argue her way out of a Twinkie wrapper. She has no experience, intelligence, or simple common sense. Have you seen the video clips. Cripes! Look up dumbshit in the dictionary. I’m sure her picture is there.

Our Pennsylvania, our America, deserves better than career politicians who live only for their next special interest wallet stuffing or happy meal tax payer funded power trip. Our American government needs to be tanked from the top down, from Obama to my town council. These people have no interest the people the govern.  We’re nearly at the need for a true ‘second’ American revolution. Representative democracy needs to be purged and purified or America is destined for doom.

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