The Unemployed (50 Something) White Male is back, now 16 months unemployed!

by an Unemployed White Male on August 26, 2010

in Business & Economy,My Life,Politics & Government,Recession

After a short sabbatical, the Unemployed (50 something) White Male is back. Currently, I’m in my 16th month of unemployment with little to no prospects for future employment. Fortunately, there’s still a little bit of unemployment compensation available for me. Meanwhile, I hope to add something to the site, at the minimum, once a week. Here’s a few current brief reflections from this last year or so.

But, first a big ‘up yours’ to Kornel Kurtz and his Webtek Computer Company for unfairly laying me off, for false and illegitimate reasons, 16 months ago. I’ll never forget his last reason for laying me off: ‘I prayed about it, and it’s good for the company.’ How very convenient for Kurtz, a professed Christian, to put the responsibility upon God and so absolve himself and his conscience of any wrongdoing. It’s not Flip Wilson’s ‘the Devil made me do it.’ Rather, for Mr. Kurtz it’s ‘my God made me do it.’

Second, I’ve come to notice that the unemployed are becoming the misused fodder for political debate by those running for office this Fall. There’s the moron Tom Corbett (R), running for PA governor, who has accused the unemployed of being lazy and only living off the public dole. Take a walk in my shoes, buddy. Idiot. But that’s only one example.

Then there are the people I meet everyday at the grocery store, church, the mall, the neighborhood, and elsewhere. The best they can do is offer some flippant response like ‘Sorry to hear that’ or ‘That’s too bad’ which betrays on the grassroots level the growing indifference in our nation to unemployed. I think I get where they’re coming from.  When you have a job in a poor economy your energy and emotions turn to keeping your own job rather than considering or helping to relieve the plight of those without one.

More rambling commentary to come at a future date.

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