Lancaster County jobless rate jumps to 8%: happy days are here again.

by an Unemployed White Male on August 31, 2010

in General Commentary

From an article by Tim Mekeel in the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era, Tuesday August 31

Like a boat bobbing in the ocean, the local jobless rate continued its recent up-and-down motion in July, rising to 8.0 percent. By increasing from June’s 7.8 percent, the countywide rate stayed in the same narrow range where it has been for months. The new number, released Monday by the state Department of Labor & Industry, signals that the recession still has its grip on the local economy.

“It’s not going to be a clear, quick recovery,” said Ryan Horner, a Labor & Industry analyst. The jobless rate opened the year at 8.0 percent, then rose in February to 8.3 percent. That’s its peak so far during this downturn. Since that high-water mark, so to speak, it has dipped several times — triggering hope of a recovery — only to come right back up.

Get used to it, Horner suggested.

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Thanks once more to Kornel Kurtz of the web design company Webtek  for making me  one of the 14 million still out of work.

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