Against conventional wisdom and Obama’s delight, no optimism in Feb. jobs report

by an Unemployed White Male on March 6, 2010

in Business & Economy,Politics & Government,Recession 2009

The Saturday morning newspaper headline read ‘Jobs data generate optimism.’ The article, by Kevin G. Hall of McClatchy Newspapers, includes phrases like ‘better-than-expected’ from President Obama and ‘fairly strong employment report’ from a private analyst. Why the optimism? I guess things look good from the White House to the ivory tower when you’re not the one out of a job. Unemployment still remains at 9.7 percent across the nation and new hiring is essentially flat. There are still nearly 15 million Americans out of work, and our President has the nerve to say, ‘it shows that the measures that we’re taking to turn our economy around are having some impact.’ Again, Obama proves that he is delusional, self-deceived, and clearly out of touch with the common American worker. No unemployed person, including myself, who cannot find a job will look at the February jobs data with enthusiasm. We’re still looking, still screwed, and nothing of substance is being done to help us.

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