Senator Jim Bunning and Extending Unemployment Benefits for the Lazy Unemployed Worker

by an Unemployed White Male on March 2, 2010

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Once again the unemployed are under attack again by our representatives in Washington. The Federal extension for unemployment benefits ran out at the end of February. Senator Harry Reid yanked another extension from the Jobs Bill to appease cranky Republicans. Now, Reid and others are trying to reinstate those benefits until the end of 2010. Except for Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning who, by his own words, is standing on principal of not adding to the national debt without proper funding, and so opposes any extension. A noble cause except for the fact that he has support projects in the past which have had no immediate funding.  He still collects a paycheck no matter how deep the debt or deficit.

Bunning proves it is possible to be unmerciful asshole and a hypocrite at the same time.

Neverthless, what is even more excruciatingly painful to the unemployed, other than having no income or benefits, is that they are being labeled as lazy and unwilling to work or seek work. I’m sure there are many unemployed who sit on there asses drinking beer and watching rented videos. However, I doubt most are not. I certainly have plenty to do.

I’ve taken over many of the household duties: grocery shopping, cleaning, and other routine chores. Regarding employment prospects, I spent nearly six months cultivating two home businesses (without success). In between these things I have worked on maintaining my web design and management skills by learning more, especially the WordPress platform. I don’t want to be left behind even though I’m not in the game. Also, I’ve been excerising more, basically to stay healthy because I have no health insurance. Finally, I’ve been reading and writing a lot more. With the latter being a great love, I’ve worked on both my fiction and non-fiction writing.

I may be unemployed, dislocated, or ‘between jobs,’ but I’m certainly not lazy. So, to Sen. Bunning and all the others who wish to belittle and deride us, I offer a swaggering middle finger. You are successfully making the unemployed to blame for the problems of government. Shame on you!

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