Unemployment rate rises to 8 percent in Lancaster County

by an Unemployed White Male on March 16, 2010

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Sure, the economy is improving! Yeah right!

Readers of the Lancaster County morning newspapers were greeted with more happy news of an improving economy. The combined Intelligencer Journal and Lancaster New Era is reporting that the unemployment rate in Lancaster County rose 2 percent to 8 percent in February. Nationwide, the unemployment remained stable at 9.7 percent in the same month. The new rate for the County is the worst in 27 years according to the Department of Labor & Industry.

Soon to be entering my 12 month of employment, this not good news for me or the other unemployed people in Lancaster County. How can anybody say that the economy is improving when employment remains high? Additionally, new job creation is not advancing, and some analysts are saying some industries may not recover to pre-recession levels. Neither federal or state government can figure out a way to stimulate job creation. Frankly, President Obama is more interested in passing an unpopular health care reform bill and pissing of the Israelis than helping the unemployed. Meanwhile, Congress wants to continue hurting the unemployed by not extending claims and benefits.

The United States economy is in the tank, and not improving. The unemployed are despairing and hopeless

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