Obama’s State of the Union: Three More Years of Bullshit on the Way

by an Unemployed White Male on January 28, 2010

in Business & Economy,Politics & Government,Recession 2009

Did you listen to the President Obama’ State of the Union address? The dream is not over, and hope is not dead. ‘Change we can believe in’ is still coming. It’s just around the corner, next to the unemployment line where 15 million Americans look for the hope of a new job, only to find that it’s a pipe dream. His policy or leadership aside, Republicans and partisan politics aside, Obama promises more jobs and more prosperity based, fundamentally, on more government spending, which only feeds the economy crippling deficit.

Essentially, Obama is still working from the false idealism that government is the be all, end all, and savior of American society. It must work and exist to “provide for the general welfare” of American society. Through government, the faults and ills of society can be, at best, solved, or at worst, abated until better conditions or ideas arrive. Ultimately, the President’s hope is in already corrupt and flawed institution, because it is inhabited by men, and therefore his practical application of government influence is equally flawed.

Nevertheless, the greatest flaw of Obama’s State of the Union was the simple fact that his idealism does not connect with the reality of the average American. The average American worker and voter really doesn’t mind the bravado of political rhetoric. What they do mind is the lack of it’s efficient practical application for their good. Currently, this is territory where Obama and his administration resides and works. Like President Bush in the early 1990’s who didn’t get that the economy was the issue, President Obama, despite his announcements to the contrary, is completely out of touch with common man.

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