LETA’s Job Club a Surprising Aid to the Unemployed?

by an Unemployed White Male on January 20, 2010

in Business & Economy,Lancaster County,My Life,Recession 2009

I discovered Lancaster Employment & Training Agency’s (LETA) Job Club through in article in this past Saturday’s Intelligencer Journal. (Read article here.) The Job Club is taxpayer funded service of the agency that helps the unemployed find a jobs by helping them with resume preparation, interview skills,  job search techniques, and other helpful tools. According to the article, they have been able to place a person in a new job within two months, four months better than the national average.

LETA’s Job Club was a complete surprise to me. To my best recollection, in nearly eight months of unemployment, this was the first time I have heard of such opportunity. I currently investigating whether I’m eligible for it’s assistance. It all sounds both promising and helpful, and hopefully it might find so for myself.

Nevertheless, my fundamental question remains: why hadn’t I heard of this opportunity? Why was this not presented to me during my first unemployment call in? I haven’t checked the unemployment literature given me; maybe it’s there and I overlooked. Like many services offered by the government which have strict eligibility requirements including little or low income, little education, or now job skills and focus on non-whites, maybe I simply dismissed it.

Other questions abound. Will the help me find a job that fits my skill set? We will they help to find a job that not only fits my skill set, but also provides some personal satisfaction and fulfillment? Is there goal simply to get people into a job and working? This raises other questions. Do they take a personal interest in each individuals situation and seek to meet their needs, or is the program homogenized into a “one size” technique fits all?

Hopefully, through my investigation and use of this service, if I’m eligible and received, I will have my questions answered in a thorough and assuring manner.

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