We’re Still Screwed: Jobless Claims Jump Last Week, Unemployment Remains at 10 Percent

by an Unemployed White Male on January 22, 2010

in Business & Economy,Lancaster County,Recession 2009

For a second week in a row initial jobless claims rose across the United States. Total unemployment remains at 10 percent across America, and has risen to 8.9 percent in Pennsylvania. Locally, the unemployment rate in Lancaster County hovers around 7.3, more than doubling a rate of 3.4 percent less than three years ago.

The bottom line: if you’re unemployed, you’re screwed. Layoffs continue and industry is not hiring. Also, it’s likely that your unemployment insurance will be running out soon (as is mine). There seems to be no positives in the employment forecast, and less jobs to be found as companies slim down. Frankly, as a nation, we’re all screwed, and it could get worse. Some have been saying that we’ve been in a recovery for six months. They must be living on another planet. No, they’re Wall Street bankers!

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