Happy New Year You’re Still Unemployed!

by an Unemployed White Male on December 30, 2009

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A genuine happy new year to me: I’m still unemployed! Actually, Christmas day was exactly the eighth month of my unemployment. What irony! Of course, this is all thanks to my former employer who laid me off for contrived false reasons. I’m sure he and his family celebrated a fine Christmas, with a multitude of expensive presents. I’m sure he’s also hoping for a prosperous new year.

Nevertheless, though I hope his holiday was a good one, I hope it was not guilt free. All his reasons for laying me off were lies based on contrived reasons: a lack of work (there was plenty), the need to keep an employee (female) he only hired two months earlier (so she didn’t have to drive so far for less work, therefore give her my job, I guess), and the answer to prayer (God told him it was okay to lay me off).

All though the first two reasons were pure bullshit, the last hurt the most. Essentially, saying that it was good for the company, he prayed about getting rid of me and did so based upon perceived divine inspiration. What kind of person, Christian or otherwise, prays for divine approval to deprive an employee of their livelihood with false reasons. Apparently, this shameless and insensitive employer does so.

My prayer is that one, God heaps guilt upon him for his callous and sinful actions and two,  he directs his own divine retribution for my sake upon him for this employer’s unjust decisions. Once before, I leader of a local Christian ministry screwed me and many others within the organization out of their money and positions. We prayed earnestly for justice and God vindicated us by removing him from his executive position. In his time, God will aid and vindicate the victims of unrighteousness and injustice.

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