Six PennDOT Workers Caught Loafing on the Job in Ephrata

by an Unemployed White Male on November 3, 2009

in Business & Economy,Ephrata,Lancaster County,Politics & Government,Recession 2009

Six PennDot workers goofing off on the job in Ephrata
Six PennDOT workers goofing off on the job in Ephrata

A familiar picture: PennDot workers goofing off when they should be working. I took this photograph around 9:45am  this morning on the way home from grocery shopping where West Fulton street merges into West Main street in Ephrata. Take a close look at this picture. It’s a nearly perfect answer to the old joke: What’s gray and sleeps six? A PennDot truck. There’s one PennDot truck and six workers standing around it on the left and right. They only guy actually doing anything at the moment is the flag man. Our hard earned tax dollars at work again!

While the rest of us are working or, in my case, unemployed and trying to find work without success, these bastards are screwing off at $20 or more an hour. Maybe this is another project funded by Obama’s economic recovery plan? It doesn’t matter whether it’s during a healthy economy or a recession, we’re being shafted by our government and overpaid public workers.

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