It’s Friday and Sunny, No Work on Old Mill Road Bridge

by an Unemployed White Male on November 20, 2009

in Ephrata,Lancaster County,Old Mill Road Bridge Construction

It's Firday and a sunny day, so why do any work?

It's Friday and a sunny day, so why do any work?

It’s Friday, a sunny day with no chance of rain, so why work on the Old Mill Road (Ephrata, Lancaster County, PA) bridge reconstruction project? This picture was taken Friday morning, November 20, at approximately 10:00am looking from the Ephrata Public Library driveway. Except for what appeared to be somebody dropping off or picking up some construction equipment, there are no workers attending to the bridge reconstruction. This was also the situation two weeks when I took a picture on a Friday afternoon. What’s up with this? This is total bullshit. Now I understand why the estimate for completion was not before April 2010. At this rate, McMinn’s and their lazy ass workers will milk this for another six months beyond this, and they’ll probably want more money, too.

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